Broccoli Naxos – precision F1


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Naxos is Sakata’s new summer variety. This variety fares very well when grown from cool to hot conditions. Naxos flourishes in high temperatures. The plants are big with a strong root system, helping with their optimal development and rapid growth. Heads are dome-shaped, and the spears are longer than those of other varieties. These longer spears make it perfectly suited to the processing market, although the dome shape still allows for it to be used as a pre-pack variety. It’s a variety with good adaptability and with good holding ability. Heads sit deep in the plant, so they are well protected against damage from birds and wind. Dark green heads with small to medium beads set on a solid stem.


  • Only sow Naxos from spring to end of summer.
  • Do not plant Naxos in mid-winter in areas prone to frost


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