About Us

Manger Care Centre is a AgriSETA Accredited Training Centre – This centre is established on the premises and is geared to skill people in the surrounding communities and enable them to qualify for mainstream employment or establish self sustainable agricultural enterprises. This project not only changes the lives of the community members who are currently unemployed but also helps people that are destitute and living in poverty.

Our main Purpose

Manger Care Centre creates an environment that enables positive upliftment and empowerment through its various initiatives. We achieve these goals through various programs that provide feeding, clothing, skills development, employment opportunities, rehabilitation services and housing for beneficiaries. By providing this assistance, Manger Care Centre also gives hope by providing psychological, spiritual guidance and emotional upliftment, and strives to make destitute and vulnerable people feel that they are valuable and worthwhile members of society.

Manger Care Centre was established in 1986.

The organisation was registered on 20 December 2000 as an NPO organisation with PBO status.

NPO Registration number: 004-110

PBO registration number: 930001038

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