Determinate - Saladette

“Determinate Saladette” refers to a specific category of tomato plants characterized by their growth habit and the type of fruit they produce. Determinate tomato plants, as mentioned, grow to a fixed height and produce a concentrated harvest, making them suitable for gardeners with limited space or those seeking a uniform crop for canning or processing.

The term “saladette” in this context describes the size and type of tomatoes produced by these plants. Saladette tomatoes are smaller than standard slicing tomatoes but larger than cherry or grape tomatoes. They are often oval or plum-shaped and are prized for their firmness and flavor. These tomatoes are versatile in the kitchen, ideal for salads (hence the name), as well as for cooking and canning due to their size, texture, and taste.

Determinate saladette tomato plants combine the manageable growth habit of determinate plants with the culinary versatility of saladette-sized fruits. They are a popular choice for home gardeners and commercial growers who require a more controlled and predictable tomato crop.

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