F1 hybrid cucumber of the Dutch/English type, specifically designed for cultivation under plastic greenhouses. It is characterized by its early maturity, vigorous growth, and the ability to produce cylindrical fruits that are 32 to 38 cm in length with a dark glossy green color. This variety is parthenocarpic, meaning it can produce fruits without pollination, which is particularly beneficial for greenhouse production where controlling pollination can be challenging.

Key Characteristics of the Cucumber:

Type: F1 hybrid, Dutch/English cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.).
Flowering Type: Parthenocarpic, enabling it to set fruit without pollination.
Production Type: Best suited for plastic greenhouses, which provide a controlled environment for growth.
Maturity: Early, allowing for quicker harvest cycles.
Vigor: The plant exhibits very strong growth, supporting robust production.
Fruit Size: The cucumbers reach a size of 32 to 38 cm, ideal for the fresh market and pre-packaging.
Shape: Cylindrical, a desirable trait for uniformity in packaging and presentation.
Colour: Dark glossy green, indicative of health and appealing to consumers.
Yield Potential: Excellent, promising high returns for growers.
Season: Suitable for summer and autumn production, extending the harvesting period.
Disease Reaction: Shows high resistance to Cladosporium cucumerinum (Ccu) and Corynespora melonis (Cm), with intermediate resistance to Cucumber vein yellowing virus (CVYV), making it a resilient choice for growers.
Uniformity: Excellent, ensuring consistent quality and size in the harvest.
Average Seed Count: Sold based on seed count, allowing for precise planning and planting.
Markets/End Use: Ideal for fresh consumption and pre-packaged sales, catering to consumer preferences for quality produce.
Population Guide: Recommended planting density is 2 to 2.2 plants per square meter, optimizing space for growth and yield.
Special Features: Noted for its excellent yield potential and the production of smooth, dark green fruits, making it a standout variety for commercial cucumber production.

The Delft cucumber variety combines productivity, disease resistance, and high-quality fruit characteristics, making it an excellent choice for growers focusing on premium cucumber production in controlled environments.

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