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New varieties of Winter Squash. From variety to variety, we experience such distinct flavors, deep colors, and silky textures. Finding the best varieties is always so much fun. This year one of the new varieties of winter squash we grew is called Tetsukabuto. Tetsukabuto is a work-horse variety that is a Japanese developed hybrid between a Butternut and Kabocha. Although not really popular or known in the US, Tetsukabuto have been very popular in Japan and Brazil for several decade. We first heard of the variety last year from one of our seed partners. After a couple chefs reached out asking if we grew it, it quickly made it on 2020 planting schedule. Translating to ‘Iron Helmet,’ Tetsukabuto has thick, hard outer skin and a deep orange flesh. While roasted Tetsukabuto is not as sweet as a butter nut or honey nut, it offers depth and complex flavors. The flesh is compact and slightly starchy; however, it holds up well in soups and stews and is incredibly smooth and filling.

We hope you enjoy this new variety, and let us know what you think!


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