Watermelon Wild Card Plus Pollenizer


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Wild Card Plus (Hybrid) Watermelon

This variety demonstrates an early and prolonged flowering period, ensuring timely pollen availability at the start of hybrid flowering. The elongated, slender internodes effectively transport pollen to female flowers across a wider area. The flowering period extends well beyond the hybrid’s usual cycle.

  • Small, Explosive Fruits: Facilitate easy harvest of triploid fruits.
  • Distinctive Tiger-Striped Rind Pattern
  • Superior Pollen Quality: Maximizes yield potential
  • Disease Resistance: IR for both Fon 1 and Co 1

Product Details Characteristics

  • Fruit Shape: Round Oval
  • Type: Pollenizer
  • Exterior Color: Light green background with medium green veins
  • Interior Color: Yellow


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This hybrid watermelon variety offers traits suited for early and extended flowering, superior pollen quality for increased yield potential, and resistance to certain diseases (Fon 1 and Co 1). The fruit characteristics include small, easily harvestable triploid fruits with a distinctive tiger-striped rind pattern, displaying a light green background with medium green veins and a yellow interior color.


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