Agricutural Training

What is a Learnership?

A learnership is a learning programme which empowers the student with an occupational qualification. The Learnership approach includes classroom-based theoretical learning, practical- and workplace experience.

How much will it cost?

The Learnership Programme is offered at no cost to the student and funded by the AgriSETA 

 How long does it take?

The duration of the learnership is a minimum of 10 months.

 What will I get at the end of the Learnership?

On successful completion of the learnership an NQF (National Qualifications Framework) qualification is obtained. At the end of the academic year successful students take part in the graduation ceremony where they are awarded certificates issued by AgriSeta and endorsed with the SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) hologram. Further studies are always encouraged to better your situation.

 Will I get a job after completing the Learnership?

No employment is guaranteed. The employer who provides you an opportunity for practical workplace experience also doesn’t have an obligation to provide you with employment. However, the learnership programme will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge which will put you in a more employable position.


MCC SD&ED projects also provides short courses for commercial farmers, small holder farmers, land reform beneficiaries and all agricultural interested parties. Short courses are presented on farms, in rural communities where corporate funders and implementation partners on national projects make use of our expertise in agricultural training, mentoring and coaching.

Should an employer wish to train his staff on his own farm, and with his own equipment, this can be arranged.

The focus of these short courses is on the practical applications, supported by relevant theoretical principles. Once completed, students will have the required skills to cope with the demands of the workplace. 

Plant Production Level 1

Plant Production Level 2

Plant Production Level 3

Plant Production Level 4

 Animal Production Level 1 

 Animal Production Level 2

 Animal Production Level 3

 Animal Production Level 4  

 Skills Program:

  1. Selecting a farm site, Planting Crops, Marketing Crops. This a 5 Day Course.
  2. Course Outcome is as follows:

116158 – Apply basic agricultural   enterprise selection principles

·         Name natural resources required for the selection of the relevant enterprise           

·         Describe infrastructure requirements for the selection of the relevant enterprise         

·          Identify appropriate crops and/or animals for the relevant enterprise          

·         Identify production cycle within relevant enterprise           

·         Identify harvest practice withinthe relevant enterprise         

Identify harvest practice within the relevant enterprise

116200 – Identify harvest practice   within the relevant enterprise.

·         Use and care for the tools and equipment in the planting of a specific crop                    

·         Plant planting stock at correct spacing between rows, between individual plants, and at the correct depth for specific plant species.

116164 – Demonstrate an understanding   of the importance of marketing

·         Understand what is meant by “marketing concept”          

·         Understand the differences between and the value of demand and production driven farming practices          

·         Identify the principles and factors of demand and supply and therefore basic price formulation         

·         The principles of marketing as demonstrated by the needs of customers/clients

Cost: R4,500 per person including facilitation, assessing, moderation as well as stationery needed for training.